Learning to live, time and again - Welcome to REHAB Basel

We accompany people with brain injury and/or paraplegia (either acquired by accident or illness) on their way back to life.

REHAB Basel is a highly specialised clinic for neurorehabilitation and paraplegiology. We have a wide range of inpatient services and can also offer you treatments in our day clinic and outpatient clinic. We can treat patients with brain damage and/or paraplegia resulting from accident or illness. We support your rehabilitation process through every stage - from day one to your return to everyday life. We strive for a holistic rehabilitation for the people who are entrusted to our care. Our most important goal for rehabilitation is to give you the highest quality of life and as much independence as possible. It’s all about finding your place in the community again after illness or severe trauma.

Even after your hospital stay, we’re committed to our role as a capable guide for you "Schrittmacher" - including for your transition back to working life.



Short film: “Learning to live, time and again” (4 min.)