1967Opening of the Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPZ) in Basel
Medical management: Dr Guido A. Zäch, Chief Medical Officer
1990Following Dr Guido A. Zäch’s transfer to the Swiss Paraplegic Centre at Nottwil, his deputy Dr Mark Mäder, took over national medical management as Chief Medical Officer.
1992Opening of our new hospital unit "Neurorehabilitation":
Expansion to include rehabilitation of people with brain injuries
1997Detachment from the Basel Public Hospital [Bürgerspital Basel] and establishment of the charitable REHAB Basel AG.
2002Opening of the new clinic building (architects: Herzog & de Meuron)

Launch of the ward for patients in a vegetative state

2004Opening of the day care unit
Wound care centre: Special consultations for chronic and recurring sores
2005Collaboration with the UKBB for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy

Centre for dysphagia management: Interdisciplinary clinical and apparative diagnostics and therapy

2008Treatment of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in close collaboration with the University Hospital of Basel (USB)
2009Cooperation with the University Hospital of Basel (USB) for treating and rehabilitating patients with multiple sclerosis (MS)
2010Erweiterung des neuro-urologischen Angebotes
2011Guttman Award from the German-speaking Medical Society for Paraplegia (DMGP) for “Preventative and follow-up care”
Conference: “Learning Moves – 20 Years of Rehabilitation for People with Brain Injuries” at REHAB Basel

25th annual convention of the German-speaking Medical Society for Paraplegia (DMGP) at REHAB Basel
2013Change of Chief Medical Officer PD Dr. Margret Hund-Georgiadis takes over medical management from Dr Mark Mäder, who went into retirement after 25 years of service.
2013Opening of the Eckenstein-Geigy animal-assisted therapy facilities
Annual convention of the SAR (Swiss Association of Rehabilitation)
2016New Pilotward for patients with behavioural disorders
2017Approval of the Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU)
50-Jahr-Jubiläum REHAB Basel
2018Extension early rehabilitation
2019New construction day clinic
2020Neubau Station für schwer verhaltensauffällige Patient*innen (Ersatz für Pilotstation)