Inpatient stay

We need the following documents for inpatient registration:

  • Referral for inpatient stay 
  • Care questionnaire
  • Medical reports (including provisional and/or KIS (Krankenhaus Information System - Hospital Information System) printouts)
  • Administrative master data sheet

The referral form for an inpatient stay and the care questionnaire can be sent online as a data-protected file; otherwise, the PDF files for the forms (see below) can be printed out and mailed. 

Upon receipt of the documents, either our medical service obtains a confirmation of cost coverage directly from the insurance provider (for foreign patients, we will get in touch by telephone) or we offer the patient an outpatient rehab consultation in our outpatient clinic. This gives us a chance to discuss both the options at REHAB Basel and the expectations of patients and their families.

Registration forms to print out and send it with email

(we are connected to HIN Secure Mail for secure mail sending and receving)

It is no longer possible to reach us via FAX.

Referral for inpatient stay (PDF)

Care questionnaire (PDF)

Formulaire d'admission

Pour une admission stationnaire, nous avons besoin d’un formulaire d’admission du patient et d’un questionnaire de soins dûment remplis, ainsi que d’informations médicales les plus actuelles possible (rapport médical, diagnostic/évolution). Nous vous prions de nous faxer ces documents au numéro ci-dessus. Nous vous remercions de votre soutien.

Inscription en vue d'un séjour stationnaire PDF

Questionnaire de soin PDF

Patient Administration 

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Senior physician on duty REHAB Basel

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