Meeting places

Over the years, REHAB Basel has established itself as a place for medical training courses, conferences, symposiums, podium discussions and tours.

Various non-medical events also have their place on the calendar. For example

  • Christmas market
  • Traditional barbeque
  • Animal sponsorship day
  • pro REHAB Basel Foundation benefit evening

The animal assisted therapy facilities have been a special meeting place since day one. Paths and benches around the facility invite you to relax and spend some time. In the summer, our Bistro has outdoor seating. There’s nothing to hold you back from a “Znüni”, lunch or “Zvieri” with a view of our animal-assisted therapy facilities.

The entire area surrounding our clinic has developed greatly over the last few years. We nurture excellent contact with the institutions in the neighbourhood. The collaboration and exchange of ideas has led to more accessibility in the area; it is intended to be treated as a park. This has proven successful, with the Foundation for Nature and Business giving the entire complex an award as the largest close-to-nature area in a Swiss city in September 2012.