Animal assisted therapy facilities

In 2013, the construction of the animal assisted therapy facilities and the introduction of animal assisted therapy (AAT) to supplement hippotherapy fulfilled a long-desired wish at REHAB Basel.

For the patients, the animals provide a welcome change of pace; families, visitors, Burgfelderhof residents, passers-by and employees from the neighbouring institutions also appreciate them.

The animal assisted therapy facilities are excellently incorporated into the surroundings. The project was led by pgLandschaften Sissach, who were also responsible for other projects such as the Lange Erlen Zoo. The stables were built in such a way as to make responding to the requirements of animal assisted therapy as easy as possible for us.

Our animal assisted therapy facilities has generated a great deal of interest, both here in Switzerland and abroad - it has become a model facility for professional engagement with animal therapy.

Thanks to a well-coordinated team and an optimal network, we were able to establish animal assisted therapy within a very short time.

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