Psychological counselling

We support our patients in their individual process of dealing with this time of their lives. Along with the prevention of resulting mental illness, the promotion of quality of life, independence and self-confidence are top priorities.

After an initial consultation, we can offer continued counselling, guidance or psychotherapy on a case-by-case basis to those who need it.

Some of our patients may have suffered from psychological issues such as depression or anxiety even before their current illness or accident. In order to strengthen psychological resilience, these co-morbid psychological disorders will be treated and subsequent treatment will be initiated according to the patient’s condition. Previously existing networks of psychotherapeutic, psychiatric and primary care are incorporated into this treatment.

Our services

  • Diagnostics, diagnosis
  • Psychotherapeutic one-on-one conversations and interventions
  • Couples’ and family therapy
  • Counselling of family members
  • Counselling of carers, doctors and therapists (problematic situations, information about disease symptoms)

Topical areas of expertise

Depending on the field, there are further content-related focal points in addition to priority topics, such as managing and coping with the disease, dealing with loss, support during the adjustment process, guidance and treatment of anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Paraplegic rehabilitation field

  • Body image
  • Co-treatment of chronic pain
  • Dealing with role changes

Neurorehabilitation field

  • Dealing with limited disorder understanding
  • Dealing with mood swings, problems with motivation
  • Interventions in the case of changes in emotional regulation and social behaviour
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