Inpatient treatment

During your time at our clinic, you’re the centre of attention. Everything is focused on you and your needs – your treatment goals, your functional limitations, your individual treatment plan, your personal requirements for everyday life following your stay at REHAB, how you manage your illness and, in no time at all, your time after REHAB.

The treatment takes place in six specialised wards:

Our Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU) admits patients directly following intensive care in hospital for early neurological rehabilitation. REHAB Basel operates a specialised department for patients with severe impairment of consciousness, right up to those in a persistent vegetative state.

In the four wards for further inpatient rehabilitation, we pursue important individual treatment goals with you; these will enable you to return to a high quality of daily life.

Working with you, we regularly check your personal treatment plan and adjust it to your needs and objectives accordingly.

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