Early rehabilitation

We transfer patients directly from the intensive care units of the emergency care hospital to our Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU) and early rehabilitation ward. This requires the combined application of acute and rehabilitative medical methods. In these early stages of rehabilitation, stabilisation and improvement of important bodily functions take priority. We monitor vital signs (blood pressure, pulse and breathing), treat patients with tracheal cannulas (including respiration capabilities) and wean the patient off artificial respiration. At the same time, rehabilitation begins on day one of our treatment, with bedside therapy and early mobility important approaches here.

A specialised team of doctors, nursing professionals and therapists assess the rehabilitation-specific diagnostic progress and methods within an interdisciplinary therapy concept. This also entails the support and involvement of the family.

The monitoring team is also responsible for emergency management, with staff members regularly undergoing the necessary training here.

Specialists stay in close contact and exchange information with the referring hospitals. The University Hospital of Basel [Universitätsspital Basel] is the main referrer, with visits to severely affected patients frequently taking place here. Thus, we can provide the best possible planning and preparation for the transition to rehabilitation.

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