Nutritional counselling

A nutritional consultation led by two certified nutritionists takes place once a week at REHAB Basel, and is open to those registered by their doctor. The nutritionists support the treatment team and advise inpatients and their families in matters of nutrition.

The primary points are:

  • Generating and adjusting a nutrition plan in cases of gavage (feeding tubes) when eating normally is not possible (e.g. in some neurological conditions, traumatic brain injury, persistent vegetative state)
  • If necessary, counselling and organisation of gavage in the home or residential facility
  • Checking dietary habits and recommendations for improvement in sore management, obesity, diabetes and digestive problems
  • Counselling with regard to choice of food and menu planning at home for those with difficulty chewing and swallowing, or malnutrition

Outpatient counselling on prescription (services covered by insurance) in cases of:

  • Neurological disorders (e.g. ALS, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy)
  • Gavage at home (e.g. PEG tube, button)
  • Undernutrition and malnutrition

Additionally, there are weekly nutritional counselling sessions at REHAB Basel conducted by a peer nutritionist (Mondays or on request). Her consultations are especially well-suited for patients with paraplegia with the following main points:

  • Checking dietary habits
  • Recommendations for weight loss
  • Recommendations for improving digestive problems in neurogenic intestinal dysfunction
  • General prevention and information about nutrition for those with paraplegia (including lectures)

Our counselling sessions are individualised and provide you with targeted nutritional information. We will look for practical solutions with you.

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