We are active in every stage of rehabilitation, from the Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU) to the outpatient setting.

Physiotherapy is part of the interprofessional team and, after a thorough initial examination, is carried out methodically according to predetermined goals, our internal approach and further recognised methods. In addition to goal-oriented therapeutic interventions in individual and group situations, individually developed independent training, where possible, constitutes an important supplement to physical therapy.

Team members specialise in various approaches and techniques, such as:

  • balance and walking rehabilitation
  • provision of walking aids and gait ortheses
  • gait analysis according to O.G.I.G
  • robot-assisted therapy
  • wheelchair use
  • wheelchair adjustment according to B. Engström
  • sports therapy
  • animal-assisted therapy in the animal assisted therapy facilities
  • Hippotherapy K®
  • water therapy according to McMillan
  • manual therapy according to SAMT and G. Maitland
  • trigger point treatment
  • neuromobility technology according to D. Butler (NOI)
  • taping therapy
  • traditional massage
  • lymph drainage
  • electrotherapy
  • Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT)
  • specific therapeutic approaches taken from complementary medicine, and more.

Sports therapy

There is a wide range of sports available to our patients, both on our premises and in the nearby sports centre “Sportzentrum Pfaffenholz”. Individual programmes are developed under the guidance of sports instructors and physical therapists.

We provide you with sporting activities during your rehabilitation. To apply for a licence to take part in competitions, you require an IWAS Classification Card (“Sportpass”). We can issue you with this. We also offer individual consultation about sports issues, sports equipment and technical assistance.

  • MTT (Medical Training Therapy)
  • Individual training
  • Swimming / water aerobics
  • Archery
  • Endurance walking groups
  • Coordination group
  • Torso power group
  • Table tennis - badminton
  • Wheelchair fitness training
  • Handbike training
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