The challenges faced when planning and realising the new buildings at REHAB Basel over 15 years ago were complex, as the various individual needs of paraplegic and brain-damaged people needed to be taken into account.

We are a highly specialised clinic, where patients should receive the best possible treatment and guidance on the path back to a good quality of life. Despite the highly complex clinical surroundings during their stay, which often lasts several months, patients should always feel comfortable.

The various therapeutic requirements for successful rehabilitation constituted a particular challenge. Construction of adequate facilities was not the only necessary factor; their functional arrangement was also essential.

The implementation of these challenging requirements was undertaken by the architects Herzog & de Meuron. The result is a unique clinic whose excellence – due not to luxury, but to functionality and attention to detail – is clear.

Even today, almost 20 years after the grand opening in 2002, our enthusiasm remains: The concept and philosophy behind the new building have proven themselves time and again over the years.

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