An inpatient stay with us proceeds as soon as possible after initial treatment in the central hospital. Our services include the Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU), a ward for patients in a vegetative state, a ward for treatment for patients with behavioural disorders: SAP, living practice, day care unit.

In addition to the lifelong follow-up care provided by the outpatient clinic, we also offer outpatient therapies in tandem with the inpatient therapeutic services.

Our employees in the patient administration

Sandra Borer (Patientenadministration)

Sandra Borer


Tel. +41 61 325 06 89

Stephanie ST Martin (Patientenadministration I Bettenplanung)

Stephanie ST Martin

Patientenadministration I Bettenplanung

Tel. +41 61 325 00 92

Cindy Di Benedetto (Patientenadministration)

Cindy Di Benedetto


Tel. +41 61 325 00 89

Cindy Uhlmann (Patientenadministration)

Cindy Uhlmann


Tel. +41 61 325 00 89

Milan Vejnovic (Patientenadministration)

Milan Vejnovic


Tel. +41 61 325 00 89

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