Treatment for patients with behavioural disorders

Many of our patients develop severe behavioural disorders in association with brain damage caused by an accident, intercranial haemorrhage or other brain disease.

These particularly arise when the regions of the brain that are responsible for orientation, the control of reactions to external stimuli or memory are affected. Due to this, many affected patients seem lost in everyday life and sometimes display aggressive behaviour and agitation. They require trusted contact persons to lead them through a well-structured day.

Individual care on a special ward (SAP)

Doing justice to the needs of these severely affected patients requires a specialist interprofessional treatment team. The aim is to improve these abnormalities so that comprehensive rehabilitation can start as soon as possible. This process is based on building a relationship centred on care and therapy, which often includes 1:1 support.

Since September 2020, a special ward (SAP) with 12 beds and a beautiful therapy garden has been available to patients. The ward is equipped with state-of-the-art security and monitoring technology. Experience has shown that the way rooms are set up is of particular importance given the risk of self-harm, caused by e.g. agitation, falls and a lack of impulse control. Examples here include magnetic wall padding that can be used on a case-by-case basis and is attached to the wall of the room by means of outwardly invisible magnetic fabric. The magnetic strength of the padding meets the specific requirements for a secure hold, while the padding itself can be washed down and disinfected, as well as being easy to attach and remove. The padding helps to minimise injuries to the patient.

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