Nursing care

Patients at REHAB Basel receive comprehensive nursing care that is organised in a respectful and cooperative manner. We focus on the needs of the patients, respect their individual and continually changing development potential and help them to participate in society.

Part of the interprofessional team

Carers work as part of a team with the medical department, therapy teams and specialist services and are involved in preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic measures. They are constantly committed to the effectiveness and quality of care. Patients and relatives are involved in the process wherever possible.

Rehabilitative care

Carers give patients sufficient time and space to (re)gain their own abilities and become independent. Short and long-term goals, preferences and the uniqueness of patients and their families are considered throughout the care process. Carers provide customised support or act with intentional restraint depending on the circumstances.

Expertise and professional training

We attach great importance to providing our colleagues with a thorough induction programme as well as continuous training and further training. In addition, we support students on programmes who are training to become nursing specialists (advanced diplomas and with a nursing degree) and offer internship opportunities for career starters. Various experts from the nursing team are available to provide specialist consultations

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Ward managers

Dirk Hetzel (Stationsleitung, Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU))

Dirk Hetzel

Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU)

Tel. +41 61 325 03 55

Martina Ampferl (Stationsleitung Station 1, (Frührehabilitation &, Wachkoma))

Martina Ampferl

Stationsleitung Station 1
(Frührehabilitation &

Tel. +41 61 325 02 04

Laura Zimmermann (Stationsleitung, Station 2)

Laura Zimmermann

Station 2

Tel. +41 61 325 00 50

Chris Zimmerli (Stationsleitung, Station 3)

Chris Zimmerli

Station 3

Tel. +41 61 325 02 64

Marion Bonani (Stationsleitung, Station 4)

Marion Bonani

Station 4

Tel. +41 61 325 02 93

Matthias Fisch (Stationsleitung, Station 5)

Matthias Fisch

Station 5

Tel. +41 61 325 03 40

Nadja Tanner (Stationsleitung, SAP-Station)

Nadja Tanner


Tel. +41 61 325 04 51

Nursing positions

Thomas Riegl (Leitung Berufsbildung Pflege)

Thomas Riegl

Leitung Berufsbildung Pflege

Tel. +41 61 325 00 51

Sabine Langer (Intensivpflegefachfrau, Atmungstherapeutin)

Sabine Langer


Tel. +41 61 325 01 76

Doris Mahler (Hygienefachfrau)

Doris Mahler


Tel. +41 61 325 00 67

Stephan Behr (Pflegeexperte MScN)

Stephan Behr

Pflegeexperte MScN

Tel. +41 61 325 01 50

Sonja Salathe (Fachexpertin Pflege, Paraplegiologie)

Sonja Salathe

Fachexpertin Pflege

Tel. +41 61 325 03 24

Biagio Tessitore (Fachexperte Pflege, Frührehabilitation)

Biagio Tessitore

Fachexperte Pflege

Tel. +41 61 325 02 63

Employee reports

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