At REHAB Basel, patients receive comprehensive care based on the spirit of respect and partnership.

We encourage the rehabilitation process by supporting and guiding patients as they implement the skills they have learned in everyday life. By applying the principles of activating care in neurorehabilitation, nursing care forms a permanent component of REHAB Basel’s interdisciplinary therapeutic team.

The nursing service

  • Supports patients’ rehabilitation in performing activities of everyday life, or undertakes these activities on their behalf
  • Supports patients as well as their families
  • Works as part of the interdisciplinary team while keeping patients and their families involved, in close collaboration with doctors, therapists and specialist services
  • Contributes to preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic measures
  • Commits to the improvement of the quality and effectiveness of care.

We place great value on the sound training of new staff members, as well as the continual professional and advanced training of all caregivers. When interacting with people who have disabilities, we are confronted by fundamental questions requiring sophisticated and critical reflection on ethical issues. REHAB Basel leads this ethical discourse and has developed a concept of ethics which is geared towards day-to-day work.

Administrative roles in nursing service

Juliette Bonsera (Pflegeexpertin, Berufsbildungsverantwortliche)

Juliette Bonsera


Tel. +41 61 325 00 54

Christine Vincenzi (Pflegeexpertin)

Christine Vincenzi


Tel. +41 61 325 00 64

Sabine Langer (Intensivpflegefachfrau, Atmungstherapeutin)

Sabine Langer


Tel. +41 61 325 01 76

Doris Mahler (Hygienefachfrau)

Doris Mahler


Tel. +41 61 325 00 67

Patricia Kuhfuss (Wundexpertin SafW)

Patricia Kuhfuss

Wundexpertin SafW

Tel. +41 61 325 00 61

Stephan Behr (Pflegeexperte MScN)

Stephan Behr

Pflegeexperte MScN

Tel. +41 61 325 01 50

Ward managers

Dirk Hetzel (Stationsleitung Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU))

Dirk Hetzel

Stationsleitung Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU)

Tel. +41 61 325 03 55

Martina Ampferl (Stationsleitung Station 1, (Frührehabilitation))

Martina Ampferl

Stationsleitung Station 1

Tel. +41 61 325 00 00

Christof Meiser (Stationsleitung, Station 1 (Wachkoma))

Christof Meiser

Station 1 (Wachkoma)

Tel. +41 61 325 02 05

Ulrike Benischke (Stationsleitung, Station 2)

Ulrike Benischke

Station 2

Tel. +41 61 325 00 50

Yolanda Kreiliger (Stationsleitung, Station 3)

Yolanda Kreiliger

Station 3

Tel. +41 61 325 02 65

Sabine Mineo (Stationsleitung, Station 4/5)

Sabine Mineo

Station 4/5

Tel. +41 61 325 03 40

Katja Doepgen (Stationsleitung, SAP-Station)

Katja Doepgen


Tel. +41 61 325 04 50

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