Music therapy

Music therapy is one of several artistic therapies and utilises music as its medium.

Every person experiences music in their own way and can use it to come into contact with others and focus their attention on the sounds. Music is connected to our perception of places and situations in a deep, diverse way.

The goal of music therapy is to shape these encounters.

Although musical styles and traditions are very different, there are still simple elements to be found in all types of music:

  • Through rhythm, music illustrates the element of time
  • Different pitches or tones generate spatial awareness
  • Volume and tempo teach about strength

In music therapy, we use our patients’ musical perception and production as a resource to become active in the activities we have designed together.

Music therapy can be an individual treatment. It is prescribed upon indication or at the request of medical services and takes place in the music room on ward 1 or in the patients’ rooms.

Patients are invited to join the open music circle and make music together every Thursday in the recreation room.

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