Speech therapy

In speech therapy, we diagnose and treat linguistic, speech and vocal impairments and problems with the swallowing sequence and facial expressions.

Our area of responsibility includes initial examination, diagnosis and treatment of the following

Communicative and interactive impairments as a result of

  • Neurogenic speech impairment: dysarthria, dysarthrophonia
  • Motor language planning impairment: apraxia of speech
  • Speech impairment: aphasia, cognitive dysphasia
  • Impairment of speech interactions, impairment of practical communication

Impairment of the movement processes in the facial-oral area as a result of a neurological disorder

  • Dysphagia with

    • Impairment of saliva management
    • Necessity of a tracheal cannula for feeding
    • Difficulties in coordinating breathing and swallowing
    • Impairment of food intake
  • Facial paralysis

  • Restriction of jaw movement

Diagnostics and treatment

We apply the usual diagnostic methods in the area of communication and follow the treatment approach of Dr Felicie Affolter. We incorporate everyday activities on the ward, in the kitchen and in the garden, using neurolinguistic standards to describe these situations. In particular, we offer speech therapy with animals in the animal assisted therapy facilities. In cases of facial-oral impairment, we always conduct clinical speech therapy diagnostics and, if necessary, radiological and endoscopic swallowing diagnostics in cooperation with medical services. In severe cases of dysphagia and problems with coordinating swallowing and breathing, our top priority is to wean the patient off the tracheal cannula.

We base this on the Kay Coombes F.O.T.T.® therapeutic approach (facial-oral-tract-therapy). For those who are not as severely affected, we use common therapeutic methods. When dealing with impairments, dysfunction-specific and psychosocial guidance and counselling for our patients, their families and our caregivers is of the utmost importance. The goal here is to use the existing resources at our disposal as well.

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