Administrative board

v.l.n.r.: Salome Krummenacher, Fritz Jenny, Hans Pargger, Daniel Brändlin, Andrée Koechlin, Patrick Hafner, Maggie Rindlisbacher, Urs Roth; missing Peter Eichenberger and Christophe Schwyzer.

  • Fritz Jenny, lic. iur.
    (President until 13.12.2022 / Nominating Committee)

  • Peter Eichenberger, Dr. rer. pol. Director of Claraspital Basel
    (President as of 1.1.2023 / Nominating Committee)

  • Urs Roth, lic. rer. pol.
    (Vice President / Nominating Committee)

  • Salome Krummenacher, lic. iur.
    (Nominating Committee)

  • Daniel Brändlin, lic. rer. pol.

  • Patrick Hafner, lic. oec. HSG

  • Andrée Koechlin
    (President, pro REHAB Basel Foundation)

  • Hans Pargger, Prof. Dr. med.

  • Maggie Rindlisbacher

  • Christophe Schwyzer, Dr. rer. pol.

Former presidents of the Administrative Board

  • 2010-2016: Prof. Dr. iur. Heinrich Koller, ehemaliger Direktor BA für Justiz

  • 2004-2010: Dr. iur. Alfred Zeugin, ehemaliger Direktor Bürgerspital Basel, verstorben 2017

  • 1997-2004: Dr. rer. pol. Paul Wyss, Alt-Nationalrat

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