We are a centre for all patients with paraplegia, regardless of the cause (accident or illness) as well as all clinical symptoms similar to paraplegia. Founded in 1967, REHAB Basel (formerly known as the Swiss Paraplegic Centre Basel [Schweizerisches Paraplegikerzentrum Basel]) is the oldest of four specialised clinics for paraplegic and tetraplegic patients in Switzerland. The other clinics can be found in Nottwil, Sion and Zurich.

Initial rehabilitation begins directly after acute medical care. We also treat patients with paraplegia if they require more intensive therapy, if complications arise or if a special inpatient method of treatment is needed.

Our objectives prioritise making everyday activities easier and achieving the maximum possible independence. Together with the patient, an interdisciplinary team of doctors from various disciplines, therapists, nursing professionals and counselling specialists pursue these goals. Along with symptomatic and function-related treatment, this includes a comprehensive supply of disability aids, counselling in the case of necessary structural changes to the home and planning for the time after leaving the clinic – both in everyday life in society and the workplace.

Paraplegiology has a long history as an important specialisation at REHAB Basel. It is a rapidly developing field with many initiatives and new information in the areas of sore treatment, spasticity treatment, neurourology and pain management, among others. For years, REHAB Basel has been part of many organisations seeking to improve the initial rehabilitation of paraplegics, both within Switzerland and abroad. In addition, structured follow-up care and prevention of complications are pioneering aspects of work at REHAB Basel and improve the quality of life for many patients in the long term.

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