Cerebral palsy

There is a regional and national care service for children with cerebral palsy (CP) who are reaching adulthood. This includes longer consultation hours led by specialists who can meet their needs with ongoing support. This is made in close collaboration with general physicians, residential facilities and public authorities.

Long term care includes the following

  • specialised tests in the fields of neuro-orthopaedics
  • provision of disability aids
  • long-term epileptic care
  • diet
  • osteoporosis

REHAB Basel provides inpatient stays for follow-up care after scoliosis operations and other neuro-orthopaedic interventions (multilevel surgery) with locomotive training.

Patients benefit from our specialised services, including the following

  • intrathecal spasticity therapy (pump maintenance)
  • botulinum toxin
  • neurourology
  • dysphagia diagnostics
  • sore consultations
  • neuropsychological diagnostics

An extensive transfer of administrative and insurance responsibility takes place during the transition to adulthood. We support general physicians, residential facilities and public authorities in the centralised processing of cost coverage, IV reports, etc. In the psychosocial area, we also provide help for the transition to – or commencement of – (protected) occupational employment in cooperation with external institutions.

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