Problems swallowing

Dysphagia frequently arises in conjunction with diseases of the nervous system or brain injury, and the day-to-day consequences for those affected are intrusive. Eating and drinking substantially affect the quality of life and are essential everyday skills.

Dysphagia can lead to severe health risks and reduce quality of life. Consequently, questions arise about diet, ingestion of food, dealing with a tracheal cannula and the correct treatment method.

Centre for dysphagia management

In the centre for dysphagia management, we offer multi-professional, holistic, specialised diagnostics and counselling for dysphagia.

This includes

  • Clinical speech-language, endoscopic or radiological diagnostics of swallowing
  • Neurological, internal, ENT assessment
  • Nutritional counselling

We are expert contact partners for

  • Patients
  • Family members seeking help or advice
  • Therapists
  • Doctors

The goal is finding individualised solutions together.

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