Insurance and costs

Our staff in Patient Administration are your point of contact for the following topics:

  • Financing treatment
  • Patient registration
  • Cost coverage
  • Arranging contact with physicians and caregivers
  • Outpatient rehab consultation for planning inpatient admission
  • Cost coverage for inpatient stays. This is issued by the doctor (with the exception of cantonal doctors for the canton of Berne; see below).

Clarification of cost coverage

Our Patient Administration department determines who meets the costs in conjunction with the insurance provider, canton of residence or the patient’s accident insurance before the inpatient stay begins.

Choice of hospital

In accordance with the Health Insurance Act, patients have a free choice of hospital within Switzerland; rehabilitation clinics outside the canton of residence can also be sought out. However, depending on various factors (severity of illness, neurological deficits and canton of residence), additional insurance which contributes to costs may be required.

Place of residence abroad or foreign insurance

These patients can receive information about cost coverage from their insurance provider before treatment begins. We will provide assistance. Patients with statutory insurance from EU/EFTA member states require the S2/ E112 form from their insurance provider in order to receive planned treatment in a Swiss clinic.

Self-financing patients

In this case, we require an advance payment of the expected costs.

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