Mission statement


Every person has value - everywhere and always.

Basic principles

Learning to live, time and again.

Our mission statement describes our basic principles and values. It explicitly states our vision (“Every person has value - everywhere and always.”) and our motto ("Learning to live, time and again.").

The mission statement is based on the following pillars:

  • Patient focus
  • Employee focus
  • Community focus

Applied ethics

Everyday life at REHAB Basel is permeated by ethical issues that arise during the treatment of patients.

As part of the applied ethics concept, the ethics working group has the following offers to raise awareness of ethical issues among employees and promote competence in dealing with ethical matters:

  • Introduction to the basics of ethics for new employees
  • Ward-based training on ethical issues
  • Ethical case studies
  • Ethics forum: annual event on a current issue for employees and interested external parties

Ethics working group: Dorit Wegner, Nathalie Auber, Susanne Weber, Dr. Stefanie Wilmes

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