Caring for sores

Pressure ulcers or bedsores (decubitus) are a common complication in cases of paraplegia or brain injury. Through our many years of experience in neurorehabilitation, we specialise in pressure ulcers and chronic sores in our special consultations for sore treatment.

Chronic sores are

  • Sores which refuse to heal within eight weeks
  • Sores which often result from multiple factors, requiring holistic diagnostic procedures and treatment
  • Sores which result from illness (venous or arterial ulcus cruris, pressure ulcers resulting from lying or sitting, diabetic feet, sores following tumours, radiation, infection, burns)
  • Sores which interfere in daily life (impairment of movement, pain, odour)


  • Negative pressure therapy
  • Sore therapy
  • Water jet cleaning
  • Skin cultures

Thanks to continuous outpatient care, a hospital stay can often be avoided. If surgical intervention is necessary, the operation can be carried out here by one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in this field, Dr. Rik Osinga.